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We’re dedicated to doing the jobs that require the most technical skill and exacting precision. And we’re excellent at what we do. We provide you with the best people and equipment specifically suited to your particular needs. From helicopter crane services for your next construction project to aerial support that aids your disaster relief effort, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best experience in the air.

Here are six ways you can put our aerial cranes and utility helicopters to work:

Heavy Lifting

Completing heavy lift jobs in a precise, efficient, cost-effective and safe way is one of our specialties. With lift capabilities of up to 25,000 lbs, our diverse fleet of heavy lift helicopters can handle all your aerial crane service needs, especially when paired with one of our highly skilled pilots.

Whether you need HVAC rooftop unit placement, construction support, rigging, or any other helicopter crane services, our world-class pilots are able to expertly complete the job with exacting care.

Helicopter utility construction
Utility construction with Helicopter Express

Utility Construction

We’re the partner of choice for all your utility construction needs. Our team is able to provide unmatched aerial support for all electrical and energy construction services, including power line construction and repair, cell tower placement, and natural gas line construction.

Our expert pilots and diverse range of utility helicopters are uniquely able to complete complex jobs economically, safely, and efficiently in even the hardest-to-reach and toughest-to-navigate locations. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right—each and every time.


We’re who you call to tackle your most challenging fire operations. We are contracted by numerous agencies to assist in dangerous firefighting emergencies as well as manage and conserve federal land and natural resources.

Our diverse fleet of aerial firefighting helicopters and experienced pilots are ready to put their abilities to work on any and all suppression and rescue efforts, including Bambi Bucket® aerial water delivery, prescribed burning, rappelling operations, personnel delivery and search and rescue.

Helicopter firefighting
Helicopter Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, we’re ready and able to provide immediate aerial support. Our fleet is fully equipped to meet the urgent and critical needs following catastrophes or natural disasters.

Our highly skilled team of pilots have a proven track record supplying essential aid in search and rescue, debris field searches, food and water delivery, survey flights, and other humanitarian operations to expertly assist the people and communities in crisis.

Aerial Cinematography

Helicopter Express provides aerial film solutions to film producers in Georgia and the Southeast U.S. From initial scouting to nailing the final sequence, our expert aerial filming team will work with you on every step of the aerial production process to help you achieve your cinematic vision.

Whether you require a picture ship or a camera ship, our diverse fleet and Screen Actor Guild carded pilots are fully equipped to handle all of your aerial production requirements to ensure you get every shot you need.

Helicopter cinematography
Charter helicopter service

Charter Trips

Our private charters are the ultimate way to travel. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, our experienced pilots provide you with a safe, reliable, and on-demand helicopter experience to ensure you get to your destination in private comfort.

We regularly charter from locations in Georgia, Wyoming, Texas, California, Oregon, and Florida. Please contact us for more information on locations and how we can cater our services to your exact needs.

Put our heavy lift services to work on your next project.

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