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Bell Helicopter

With over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, our mission extends far beyond providing firefighting helicopters. For us, it’s about saving lives, preserving nature, and safeguarding communities.

We understand the severity and unpredictable nature of wildfires and the vital role aerial support plays in combating them. That’s why we always have experienced pilots on the helm and well-trained professionals on standby to answer your calls. 

Our arsenal includes specialized firefighting helicopters, extensively trained crews, and advanced aerial firefighting techniques. Whether it’s delivering water precisely with a Bambi Bucket, executing controlled backfires, providing critical recon through aerial surveys, or performing vital search and rescue efforts, we can handle it all. 

Night or day, we promise to stand by you as your reliable partner in times of crisis.

Why Choose HX for Firefighting Helicopter Services?

Exemplary Track Record

We bring over 20 years of frontline aerial firefighting experience and an unparalleled track record of safety and success. Our expertise, professionalism, and deep commitment to every mission have made us a trusted partner for fire departments, government agencies, and private organizations across the globe.

World-Class Facility

Featuring dedicated hangars, dipping ponds as the water source, and specialized firefighting equipment (like the Bambi Bucket and Suspension Strop), our facility remains at the forefront of aerial firefighting service.

Expertise and Safety

Firefighting operations demand precision and an unwavering commitment to safety—two core values that define our approach. Our highly skilled and experienced pilots and technicians are trained to handle the most challenging wildfire scenarios, ensuring effective and efficient fire suppression while prioritizing the safety of our team and ground crew.

State-of-the-Art Fleet

Helicopter Express operates an extensive fleet of sophisticated firefighting helicopters with advanced technology and specialized equipment like water baskets. Our aircraft are meticulously maintained and prepared to meet the demands of wildfire season, ensuring rapid response and uncompromising performance.

Rapid Response

When every second counts, our strategically positioned fleet enables us to respond swiftly to critical situations. Our emergency response to fire outbreaks will minimize the damage and loss.

Effective Fire Suppression

Our firefighting choppers come equipped with powerful water delivery systems and specialized equipment, which complements ground operations with efficient and precise fire suppression.

Comprehensive Training

Our elite team of pilots, paramedics, and technicians undergo year-round specialized training. These programs ensure they are equipped with the latest firefighting techniques and safety protocols, empowering them to navigate even the most challenging environments with confidence and expertise.

Aerial Firefighting Helicopters in Our Fleet

Our fleet includes advanced firefighter helicopters equipped with the latest technology to ensure we have unmatched capability to combat fires. These helicopters play a crucial role in our efforts to control and extinguish fires from the air.
K-Max K 1200 Helicopter

Kaman K-Max K-1200

The Kaman K-Max K-1200 is a precision instrument uniquely tailored for heavy lifting with a maximum external load of 6,000 lbs. We’re one of only five companies in the United States that operate this unique and powerful helicopter. With a range of 200 miles and 115 mph, this helicopter is truly in a league of its own.

Thanks to its high versatility, robust performance, precision delivery, and ability to refill from shallow water sources within 20-30 seconds, this chopper is the pinnacle of aerial firefighting technology. Precision-engineered and powered by a Honeywell turboshaft engine, this aircraft is designed for maximum reliability and advanced performance. We are proud to have this formidable asset as part of our fleet to support our mission to save lives, properties, and natural resources.

Skycrane helicopter

Sikorsky S-64E & S-64F Skycranes

Our Sikorsky S-64E & S-64F Skycranes stand as the titans of our firefighting fleets. With a maximum lift weight of 25,000 pounds, a range of 244 miles, and a maximum speed of 132 mph, these aerial giants are not just helicopters; they’re a promise of safety and efficiency in the face of wildfires. The potent combination of their heavy lifting and precision placement abilities make them unparalleled in aerial firefighting operations. The ability to carry vast amounts of water directly to the heart of the blaze makes these firefighter helicopters a vital part of our operations.

Airbus AS-350-B3

Airbus AS-350 B3

Airbus AS-350 B3 helicopters were the first to ever land on the summit of Mount Everest. This firefighter helicopter is known for its versatility, high-altitude performance, and suitability for various roles such as firefighting, search and rescue, and emergency medical services. 

These meticulously crafted marvels set the standard for single-engine helicopter performance. The light yet strong frame allows it to excel in extreme conditions, such as rigorous heat or high altitudes. With a passenger capacity of five, an external load capacity of 2,500 pounds, and superior maneuverability, it is perfectly suited for precision water drops over fire zones. These magnificent machines have a range of 345 miles and a maximum speed of 160 mph.

Bell Helicopter

Bell 205A-1++

The Bell 205 series has a long history of use in various roles, including firefighting, thanks to its robust design and powerful lift capabilities. 

Our Bell 205A-1++ helicopters are the workhorses of our fleet, known for their reliability and versatility in firefighting operations. This Bell helicopter can carry up to 9 passengers and has a maximum external load capacity of 4,000 lbs. Their versatility makes them ideal for frontline firefighting and transporting crews and equipment to the frontline of fire zones. Their exceptional performance in high altitude, high temperature, and turbulent mountain environments makes them invaluable in firefighting. These aeronautical masterpieces have a range of 345 miles and a maximum speed of 115 mph.

Bell 407HP on a mountain top

Bell 407HP

Thanks to its advanced Honeywell HTS900 propulsion engine, this helicopter offers increased speed, power, and fuel efficiency. With a maximum speed of 161 mph, a maximum load of 2,500 lbs, and excellent maneuverability, this aircraft is critical to the frontline defense against wildfires. These incredible machines have a max speed of 161 mph and a range of 250 miles.

The Helicopter Express hangar

Bell 429

This advanced aircraft is configured to accommodate a pilot and seven passengers. With a maximum external load capacity of 2,000 lbs and reaching speeds up to 150 mph, and a range of 390 miles the Bell 429 meets the multifaceted demands of today’s aerial missions without sacrificing an ounce of safety.Equipped with the latest avionics for enhanced safety and powered by dual Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, the Bell 429 stands as a beacon of adaptability and safety in the aviation industry.

Bell 412EXP helicopter

Bell 412EPX

The Subaru Bell 412EPX, part of our distinguished fleet, epitomizes reliability and performance in firefighting operations. This advanced helicopter is engineered to operate under the most demanding conditions. With a maximum external load capacity of 4,000 lbs, maximum speed of 140 mph, a range of 361 miles, and seating for up to 9 passengers, it’s built to tackle the most challenging firefighting missions. The cutting-edge avionics suite, superior hover performance, and durability enable safer missions in the most demanding environments.

Our Commitment to Safety

We understand the critical nature of our work, so safety is at the core of everything we do. To keep our customers, crew, and community safe, we adhere to stringent safety protocols and the highest industry standards. Our crew is relentless in our pursuit of safeguarding the well-being of everyone involved. 

Our specialized training programs strengthen our commitment to protecting lives. These intensive sessions equip our pilots and technicians with the skills to operate safely and effectively in high-risk environments. A meticulously maintained fleet and the latest technology form the third layer of our safety shield. We run regular maintenance checks to ensure all equipment is operational and avoid surprises.

Helicopter Express has an exemplary track record of safety and successful firefighting missions, which has earned us the trust and confidence of our clients. 

You can count on our professionalism, expertise, and quick reaction force when the flames are raging. We take immense pride in our role as first responders, protecting communities and landscapes with urgency and precision.

Horth Georgia Helicopter Express facility
Bell Helicopter

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